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Campaign Monitor (Emails) Privacy Notice

Who we are?

Virgin Care is a provider of health and care services in England, mostly on behalf of the NHS and local authorities (known as local councils).

Virgin Care is made up of different legal entities, details of which can be found at   This privacy notice is issued on behalf of the Virgin Care Group. Virgin Care Limited is responsible for administering Campaign Monitor and this website.

You can find out more about Virgin Care at

What information is being collected?

With your consent, we will collect limited information from you to enable us to effectively update you about the services you’ve requested to be contacted about.

In order to process your sign up, we need to know your email address and your agreement with this privacy notice.  We may also ask you provide us with other, optional, information about which of our transformation projects or areas you are interested in, which doctors surgery you most often use and your address.  This allows us to contact you only about issues that affect you based on the part of the local health economy you use. We also collect some information so that we can compare the makeup of our membership database with the population in the area that we serve, but you don’t have to provide this.

How we store and protect the information about you

We take the utmost care when handling your personal and confidential information and ensure that we have appropriate organisational and technical security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access, accidental damage, destruction or loss.  When you sign up to the Citizens’ Panel through this form your data is transferred to Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd (who trade as ‘Campaign Monitor’), the company we contract to provide the email marketing software we use to communicate with members. The connection between your computer and our web server is not secure, but the form data itself is sent via a secure HTTPS connection between your computer and Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor publish information about their security and compliance with GDPR on their Trust Centre at They align their security policies with ISO27001 – an international standard for security – and the information you submit is stored in a US-based data centre and processed at locations including USA, Australia and Germany.

A small number of Virgin Care colleagues have access to your data through secure logins to the Campaign Monitor system but this is restricted to only those who require this access in order to administer Campaign Monitor.

How is the information about you being collected?

We collect information from you using an online form hosted on our website.

How will the information you give us be used?

We will use the information you provide us with to contact you in line with your preferences. Usually this will be to let you know about the work we are doing and to let you know about projects and surveys you might want to take part in. There is no obligation.

If we’Each project and survey will have its own privacy notice where we collect information from you, so please read these carefully.

How long will your information be stored?

We will retain your information until the end of the service contract as long as you continue to be a member of the citizens panel.  If you decide to withdraw from the Panel, your information will be deleted from our records and we will delete your information within 6 months of the end of our contract to deliver services in your area.

Who will we share your information with?

We won’t share the information you give us when you sign up to the Citizens’ Panel with anyone else. We don’t link anything you tell us with your health records, nor any of the people who run our clinical services.

From time to time, we might contact you with information someone else has asked us to pass on – but they will never have access to your data, and the messages we pass on will only ever be related to your interest in local health and care services and will never try to sell you anything or ask you for money.

How can you update your details or opt out of the Citizens’ Panel?

We only collect the information that you consent to share with us and you can change your preferences  at any time.  You can visit the ‘preference centre’ by clicking the link in any email we send you, or email This will allow you to see the information we have, update and remove information and opt not to hear from us again.

If you want to know more about your rights or wish to complain

If you want to know more about your rights under UK Data Protection Laws, or wish to make a complaint to our data protection officer you can  find more information and  contact details on our website at

If you are still not happy with the way we have handled your information or rights under Data Protection Laws, you can contact the Data Protection Regular