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Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires legal entities with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing the pay gap between their male and female colleagues.

The snapshot date – 5 April 2018

There were changes to our workforce a couple of days before the snapshot date as one of contracts to provide services reached its end. This meant there were a number of TUPE transfers just prior to the snapshot date.

Steps we’ve taken since the snapshot update:

What we’re planning to do next:

Agile Working: We’ll continue to roll out and promote our new e-rostering programme and ‘bank’ work options.

Supporting Progression: Continue to review our people policies and look for opportunities to further support colleagues balance their work and home commitments. This is an important part of our strategy for supporting female colleagues to progress their careers.

Policy: Relaunch of our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Removal of Gender Bias: Audit our job adverts and job descriptions to minimise and, where possible, completely remove gender biased language to ensure our opportunities appeal to all.

Reward Offering: We’ve conducted a full review of our Pay and Reward offering to ensure our offering meets the needs of all colleagues and enables us to attract the best colleagues to our organisation. We will review our bonus scheme rules to continue the positive momentum we have achieved with reducing the gender pay gap in this area.

Leadership Development: We will formally launch our bespoke Leadership and Coaching Programme to support and develop our senior leadership group and Executive Team. We will also continue to build our apprenticeship career pathways with both Level 6 and 7 apprenticeships delivering degrees and masters. These programmes will help encourage and promote internal progression into our senior management group and Executive Team.