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East Staffordshire Improving Lives

The East Staffordshire Improving Lives Programme focuses on helping people to be healthier for longer and helps those people with long-term health conditions to take more control over their own care.

Improving Lives brings together organisations within the health and social care sector including teams in GP Surgeries, Acute Hospitals, Community Care and other areas. Greater integration improves the way in which patients receive services and also identifies and supports any additional needs.



Danny O'Rielly with a service user at one of Devon's children homes

At the centre of this is the new Care Coordination Centre where a multi-disciplinary team help direct patients to the most relevant service, improving your standard of living and the direct care they receive, with the added development of a care plan to support them in the future. With their consent the patient’s information will be shared with this team to improve the delivery of their care, and help plan for their future health and social care needs.

What we’ve delivered so far…

Virgin Care
Virgin Care

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This year Debra was instrumental in the Health Visiting Service in Bath and North East Somerset achieving stage three accreditation in the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative. She also took two local children’s centres through the assessment process for the first time and they achieved full accreditation alongside the service in May.

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Virgin Care

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As people across East Staffordshire continue to bask in high temperatures, the importance of staying hydrated – particularly for older people – cannot be underestimated.

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Virgin Care

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How we use our new learning management system to encourage our colleagues and keep our colleagues trained and compliant.

We ensure that young people and families have all the support and professional advice they need to help live healthy lifestyles.

We ensure that families have free and easy access to local health services in the community; whether in a local clinic, play area or in a family’s home.

We provide similar services across the country, where we’ve invested significantly in bringing services together and improving the experience for the people who use our services.